Lauren Warren

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I am a video game, pop culture, Netflix, and Twitter enthusiast. Anyone else who says the same is friend material. I co-host a pop culture podcast and have no shortage of things to say on diversity, inclusion, and the importance of representation in media and entertainment.

I’m a fan of complex, multi-dimensional characters and creating worlds far more interesting and action-packed than the one in which I live. As a lifelong storyteller, I enjoy bringing those characters, words and worlds to life. I see the process as a chance for others to pursue their passions, as the art of storytelling isn’t just limited to words on a page. It’s a collaborative effort between directors, writers, producers, actors, costume designers, art directors - the list goes on.

(Note to agents, recruiters, producers, and directors: I’d be happy to do the same for/with you. Seriously, let’s chat.)

I can also assist with your corporate communication needs and add pop to your blogs and online publications with custom content or a quick review to make sure you’re on the right path. If you need a boost promoting yourself using social media outlets, I can help with that too. 

In short, welcome and hope to hear from you soon!